Egg Salad Tartines

Chef Deanna made these for our Champagne Brunch class. The perfect spring / summer garden party appetizer, or skip the bread and eat it for lunch! Print Recipe Egg Salad Tartines Perfect appetizer for a spring / summer garden party, or just add another slice of bread for a...
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Pumpkin Bread

Print Recipe Pumpkin Bread Ingredients1/2 cup MTOO Butter Olive Oil Or Blood Orange, or plain EVOO1 cup Pumpkin puree2/3 cup Honey2 tbls water1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour3 1/2 tsp MTOO Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend1 tsp Baking Sodapinch kosher salt or sea salt2 each eggs InstructionsPreheat oven to 350°F...
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Raspberry Balsamic Jam

I work at the farmers market every Saturday and am always inspired by people who buy cases and flats of fresh fruits and veggies. They tell me they are going to can / preserve / make jams and jellies out of them. I always thought that making jam or...
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Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

The wonderful thing about stuffed mushrooms is that you can add almost anything you want and they will be delicious. For these mushrooms, I added spinach and artichoke dip that I bought at the store, but you could easily make your own with fresh spinach, canned artichoke hearts and...
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Maple Glazed Bacon

Change your brunch game for good with this slightly addictive bacon recipe. Bacon, coated in maple syrup and crushed pecans, and finished with Maple Balsamic Vinegar?  What’s not to love?  Super simple, without creating a huge mess, you can make the most delicious bacon for brunch with just a...
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Fruit Salad

One of my favorite ways to start off the day is mix up a bowl of delicious fresh fruit, from berries to your favorite farmers market finds. Whether you are going for a tropical plate with pineapple, kiwis and mangos or something for all tastes (blueberries, apples, bananas and...
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Blood Orange Oat Waffles

Print Recipe Blood Orange Oat Waffles A delicious (and gluten free) waffle recipe Ingredients1.5 cups oat flour*2 teaspoons Baking Powder1/2 teaspoon SaltPinch of cinnamon optional3/4 cup room temperature milk of choice5 tbsp MTOO Blood Orange Olive Oil2 large eggs2 tablespoons maple syrup1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract InstructionsIn a mixing bowl,...
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